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One World Nursery is an institution of preschool education in English , founded in 2003. The objective of our nursery school is to promote a positive , dynamic and multicultural environment where children can develop their cognitive , psychological, physical, and social skills, where the children are recognized as members of a group open to receive information and to grow as responsible, kind persons.


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20 . 10 . 2016

Visita Expo-Animales de UDLA

Una linda experiencia, donde los niños pudieron ver en acción a los perritos policiales y lindas mascotas

21 . 09 . 2016

Unidos al Mundo en un "Canto por la Paz"

Este 21 de Septiembre, los niños de nuestro jardín se unieron a una iniciativa de "Cantar por la Paz Mundial", durante 24 horas y más de 65 jardines y colegios montessori del mundo, unidos en un mismo canto.

16 . 09 . 2016

Paseo "Fiestas Patrias"

El pasado 16 de Septiembre, realizamos nuestro tradicional paseo familiar para celebrar nuestras fiestas patrias.

15 . 09 . 2016

Celebrando el Día de la Chilenidad

Pasado 15 de Septiembre, tuvimos un día muy especial, donde bailamos y realizamos juegos típicos.


This space has been created specially for the families of One World Nursery , with the objective that you can share, explore and enjoy with your children in these distinct activities that the children developed in the daycare and that we post periodically here.

Experimento del Globo Gaseoso


We will post experiments performed in class weekly, with the object to provide moments to share, comment, or replicate with the family.

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Holiday Bites


In this section you can found several recipes that we will perform throughout the year in our nursery school, where you can do in your house.

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The Twelve Days of Winter


Because we know the importance of Reading for our children, we have created a virtual library where you can reserve and read books online.

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